Our internal code of conduct

All C.C.D.A staff must avoid from below activities:

  • Cheating: to perform dishonestly or unfairly in order to some benefits or advantages from other.
  • Frauding: dishonest trick or deceit in order to get some property or thing.
  • Misappropriation: to act as wrongful use in order to get benefits from other.
  • Sabotage: the process of separating from job description or contract of C.C.D.A.
  • Fraud in preparing contract or agreement with clients or related stakeholders (including use fraud documents, cheating thumbprint or signature).
  • Tell or broadcast the internal information of institution.
  • Wrong implement seriously with C.C.D.A internal regulation and internal basis rule.
  • Treating, insulting or fighting C.C.D.A employee, employer or members.
  • Inciting C.C.D.A staff to commit serious offenses.
  • Propaganda in political activities or demonstrations within institution.
  • Commit corruption within institution.
  • Drinking beer, playing card, smoking cigarette and drugs detective in or out institution which are effected to C.C.D.A reputation.
  • Conducting criminal activities which are prohibited by national and international law.
  • Committing sexual harassment.
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