Member Care Policy

This policy is used to prevent of error conducing or implementing between C.C.D.A staff to its members and also it can build our C.C.D.A’s reputation within communities especially it can help our project members to avoid from over ineptness as well. The below points are showing our member care policy:

1. Establish a suitable project for our members.

C.C.D.A is trying to establish or adjust all the projects in order to meet the need of its members furthermore those projects don’t affect to its members’ benefit in their communities.

2. Prevent the over ineptness of our members.

C.C.D.A is doing the survey in related members’ capability and skill for establishing or improving their businesses in order to save their income for paying back to loan installment on time easily.

3. Prevent the unusual activities of our members.

C.C.D.A doesn’t accept and support members’ activities as below:

  • Establish or improve business which related to force child labor within harmful conditions that are again local and international law.
  • Using and producing detective drug and also trafficking weapons and ammunition which are prohibited by national and international law.
  • Playing card or other games as their daily occupation.
  • Trafficking or providing sexual services (brothel)
  • Trafficking in wildlife and producing wildlife which are prohibited by national and international law.
  • Producing, trading, stocking or transferring chemical elements which are harmful on human being and environment.
  • Producing and providing other products and services which are harmful on human being and surrounded ecology.
  • All activities against the national and international law.

4. Strengthen C.C.D.A Staff’s code of ethics.

Our aims:

  • This code of ethic is to restress on our C.C.D.A staff to know more about detail points which are related to fraud and it also reminds and points to our C.C.D.A staff for avoiding from committing fraud that opposite our internal regulation and rule.
  • It can help all levels of our C.C.D.A staff to be aware of fraud within their responsibilities and duties of each departments and sectors.
  • It also can help our employees such as:
    • 1. Avoid from committing all frauds against our state law and social norm that affect to personal benefit, family reputation and other related parties such as guardian, sibling, spouse, grand child, friend and other stakeholders.
    • 2. Follow by policy, procedure and leader’s instruction in order to fulfill their duties to meet the benefit of in and out customers of C.C.D.A.
    • 3. Educate their mind set to retain and maintain their honesty in order to keep good reputation of C.C.D.A and our national norm to be well-known on local and international stage.

  • Activities kounmeatabeta's organization at the end of each meeting

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